Pegasus laying belly up on the floor, wanting love
After a two day absence, I was greeted with this as I left the bathroom. I guess he loves me.

The Love of My Life

The beginning of Pegasus’ story is already chronicled here:, so I won’t repeat it. I can say I have never loved anyone or anything, before or since, as much as I loved him. It was three years last week since he passed, and tears still well in my eyes when I think of him. Telling his story and influence on my life took a three day “mental health” weekend in Idyllwild a month after he died. During that, I poured 67 single-spaced typewritten pages, including photographs, of memories, laughs, and love , into a Word document. We had left the vet 75 minutes before, with a plan to restart some meds. While visiting some friends, he began gasping for air. I rushed him home, tried performing CPR on him on my sofa while frantically calling veterinarians, only to have him die. A necroscopy revealed he had died of a pulmonary embolism. It was, no contest, the worst day of my life.

Pegasus, front paws curled up, laying on his mom, Sandy Eulitt
Pegasus at his happiest, laying on Mommy

Sometime, when tears no longer fill my eyes, I will tell the zillions of funny stories of this cat and how he filled my heart with a joy and love I didn’t know existed. He was the third of my cats, and named for the constellation Pegasus. A star in Pegasus and a star in Cassiopeia are used to find the Andromeda galaxy, for which Andromeda ( was named. I thought it fitting to name him something related to the first cat, Andromeda, since she is the one who started it all.

For now, I will tell his story in pictures. Someday I will write an entire book. Perhaps you can see all the love and laughter in them.

Pegasus as a three week old baby.
Look at that rolly polly belly!!! Three weeks old here
Pegasus trying to have sex with Cassiopeia, despite both of them being fixed. Cassi is looking at me as if to say, "Mom, could you please have a talk with him?"
Despite both being fixed at two months old, Pegasus regularly tried having sex with Cassi. I love the look on her face, as if to say, “Mom, would you please have a talk with him?” I always told her he was neutered, and how much more talk would you like me to have?
Pegasus looking directly at the camera, while lounging on my bed
Until his 3rd death anniversary last week, this was my laptop’s wallpaper picture. I love how he just looks right at me.
Pegasus snuggled up in the Notre Dame throw, one of his favorites.
One of my favorite pictures, as it really captured the essence of our relationship. I think I’d just given him a flea bath, and snuggled him up in the Notre Dame throw to keep him warm.