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Sewing Revival amidst Closing Fabric Stores

While I have long been a committed sewist, my time for it dropped dramatically when I went back to school in the early 2000’s. I had only visited Yardage Town a couple times, usually for ribbon, and never bought any apparel fabrics there.

Two weeks ago, learning that Yardage Town was closing, a friend and I visited the Vista location. I can’t tell you how much I wish I had a reason to make a special occasion dress. Their fabrics are BEAUTIFUL. Yardage Town has a considerable selection. And, just like the article says, the chain stores do not carry most of what Yardage Town offers.

In the 80’s, being a student at Purdue University, I frequented Neuwelt’s fabric store in Lafayette, Indiana. I bought some of the fabric for my wedding gown there the last time I visited in 1992. Sadly, Neuwelt’s closed not long thereafter.

Moving as I had to Orange County, Californ, I found and developed a very serious love affair for Left Bank Fabrics in Newport Beach. My retirement fund and bank account would look SO much better if I’d never discovered that place. Gorgeous French brocades running $300/ yard, beautiful Italian wool suit fabrics at $125/ yard. I never bought as much there as I wanted to, but I did buy some. I still have some of my gorgeous Left Bank Fabrics fabric that I have not yet sewn up. When I went back to school, my wardrobe needs changed, and I found no need for the silk jacquard prints I still have. Not wanting to waste the fabric, it still hangs in my craft room closet, some 25+ years after I bought it. Since I am no longer in college, I am hoping occasions will arise that justify me making a dress or blouse from that fabric. Sadly, Left Bank Fabrics closed over 20 years ago. Its been a bike shop for a long time.

I bought most of my wedding gown fabric and laces from House of Fabrics. They, too, closed, and most locations became a Joann’s. While I love Joann’s, they no longer carry the fabrics I made my wedding gown of. Just Saturday, I was lamenting this with a friend of mine. We decided a trip to LA’s garment district is in order. I guess the good part of all these fancy apparel fabric stores closing is that my bank account will no longer suffer. With none of the gorgeous fabrics nearby, I won’t be tempted to buy and “age” my fabric, as I have in the past.

I am told that M&L fabrics in Santa Ana, a place I now recall visiting over two decades ago, still has a fantastic selection. I guess a road trip to OC is in order as well.

Happy sewing!!!!!!

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How to keep a Cat off your Sewing Project

Snuggle Sack progress

I moved into this home several months ago. When I did, several UFO’s got moved with me. A UFO is an UnFinished Object. Since I now how a sewing room in my new home, I am making a concerted effort to eliminate my UFO’s. One such UFO is a Snuggle Sack. A Snuggle Sack is a proprietary pattern I’ve developed over several years that consists of fleece, flannel, and Thinsulate. I usually machine embroider the inside, with motifs representing hobbies and accomplishments of the recipient.

I am cutting out lining pieces today while watching the Notre Dame vs. Boston College football game. There is little in the universe I enjoy more than sewing while watching football. There is freshly pressed black flannel spread out on my project table. I am trying to cut it to make the lining. Mr. Problem Child cat keeps jumping into the middle of it.

Orange tabby cat Jase sitting on Sandy Eulitt's lap in her sewing room
Jase, the Wonder Kitty, wondering what he can get into next.

After several unsuccessful attempts at getting and keeping him off my fabric, I surmised an easier solution might be available. I grabbed the Football Field fleece throw just completed Friday night, and folded it on the ground. Then, I placed him upon it, waiting for a reaction. Two hours later, he hasn’t budged from this spot. I guess its all about learning to speak cat.

Jase, the male orange tabby cat, lounging out on a Football field fleece throw
Jase has me extraordinarily well trained to cater to his every need

Shockingly, I was able to get my fabric cut out, now that he was not jumping into the middle of the project table.

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Cats (and dogs) vs. People

This was posted in a private Facebook group for people without human children, but who have furry children

To which someone added “7. you are not charged with abuse for leaving them in a crate”

To which was added

“8, 9, 10, 11, and 12: cats don’t end up knocked up (unless you didn’t fix them)
they don’t wrap the car around the telephone pole or other serious accident
Other than socks, they don’t steal from you
Other than catnip, will never have a drug problem
They won’t be living in your basement when they’re 40 (although we wish they could)
For the most part, they are quiet
They are not holy terrors in public places
it is ok to use a leash on them
They can sleep with you and you still get a good night’s sleep
No college tuition to worry about
No wedding to pay for
Unless they’re not fixed, no PMS or periods effects to deal with

And the list goes on …”

I hope you find this as funny as I did.

Have a very happy day 🙂